OWN WORK through the years

This is a sample of my own work and miniatures done over the years.
These grace my bookshelves in the lounge.

These are NOT FOR SALE.

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  • Sale! D silk ribbon

    10 pieces 2 mtrs x 7mm Silk Ribbons.

    Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £8.50.

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    Various Shades

  • Victorian Hot Potato Seller.


    I had a photo of a china plate with this scene transferred on it.
    I always wanted to make this so decided to ask John if he could make the potato can, which he did.
    The old man in tattered clothes and the little boy street sweeper with his brush, holding his hand out for the hot baked potato.
    The potatoes were cooked in bakers ovens after the bakers had finished. The sellers had to rent their spots around London, they could make a lot of money selling the potatoes. The little boy would probably keep the potato in his pocket to warm his hands then eat it later for his supper.
    The can had a vent for steam,salt,pepper and even butter in the can. The potatoes were kept warm with coals under the can.

    I have patterns for the old man and the young boy in the pattern section.

  • Milliners Shop Window Display.

    This is the second window display. I had promised to do a workshop at York making bonnets…once started I could not stop…mojo returned..

  • Haberdashery Shop Window Display

    This window was bought at the Stafford Fair run by Doreen Jefferies; I bought two when my mojo was on holiday. I had these for a while before painting. Then because I already had the haberdashery display done for another project it was easy to fill.

  • Baby Box.

    Baby box done for my first great grandson. Graeson. He is so precious.
    The other photo is the actual room and I took the left side of the photo to resize and fit an 8 x 10 frame.

    If anyone is interested I take commissions.

  • Own work…not for sale. Baby Box.

    Baby box made for my great grandson Graeson, born 14.8.18
    The Box is approx 8 x 6 inches, bought the frame and made the box to fit. The left side wall is exactly as the real room, grandson took a photo of it for me… enjoyed making this.

  • Bronze Goose Egg


    I have been involved with miniatures for 32 years now.
    These eggs were done well before that.
    This one has Bronze paint with a brown painted door. Filigree decorate the door

  • Coffee Goose Egg


    I have been involved with miniatures for 32 years now.
    These eggs were done well before that.
    This one has Brown paint, inverted Twice, front which a door.

  • Black Decorated Goose Egg


    I have been involved with miniatures for 32 years now.
    These eggs were done well before that.
    This one has Black Crackle paint, inverted front which was not a door, the small door is at the top back

  • W.I. First Prize.


    WE WON! first time of entering the WI Craft section at the Cheshire Show.
    I did the silhouette from black card, used tracing paper for the screen and dolls house wood painted black for the frame.
    The the box was made foam core board covered in silk fabric which draped wonderfully. I think it was 1mtr 3 sided.
    I made the Bonsia tree.
    Friend Kathleen made the Decorated Egg,
    Friend Leslie did the Dragon cross stitch.

  • Boot scissor case 2.


    This was another mojo moment, given as a present…

  • Boot scissor case


    Boot scissor case made from a card that a friend sent for Christmas, I altered the shape to fit the fabric I had . Another mojo moment.

  • Scissor Cases


    I made these getting over a mojo period.

  • Corner Bedroom


    This is a corner bedroom I gave as a free info workshop on my group minis4all.

  • Home Bakery


    This was also a workshop project given by friend Joe Wareing. I was a guinea pig for the class. I am not a natural for working with wood so it seemed like a huge learning curve for me but I enjoyed it. I dressed the doll which is also in my pattern section.

  • Flower market.


    I did this as part of a club project but altered it to go my own way! It is from a print on my lounge wall.